Cobra Starship

Boy has “pop punk” changed in the last decade or more. And even further back, it’s even much more different. Well, I remember listening to a slew of bands from Fueled By Ramen as a teen. There were bands like Discount (who happened to be lead by Alison Mosshart of the band The Kills) and ska punk bands such as The Impossibles. But years after that eventually lead to MTV acts such as Fall Out Boy and what this post is about, the band Cobra Starship. Times have truly changed huh?

Well, I first encountered the music of Cobra Starship when the film Snakes On A Plane became a cult classic led by Samuel L. Jackson. The band (who was just Gabe Saporta of New Jersey pop punk band Midtown at the time) penned “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)” which sky rocketed all over MTV. And coincidentally an indie pop (yes, an actual one) band called This Is Ivy League were hired guns to join the group. Since then they have garnered millions of fans throughout the world with their brand of pop punk that involved thematic songs that were part of the wave of bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco were known for.

Anyways, I haven’t paid attention to the band since then. But almost two years ago I was in a car driving around Minneapolis and heard a song called “Good Girls Go Bad” in their Top Forties radio station. Eventually, I found it was them and was “WHAT THE HOLY FUCK!” The song was ridiculously huge and I hadn’t even realized the band had already crossed over not only into the mainstream but into the party world and dance realm. I had heard the song in clubs next to songs by other artists such as Katy Perry. Pretty bizzare in my mind if only for a moment.

So with that, I too have changed over the years. Having been born and raised in Miami in middle school my whole world was surrounded by BOOTY MUSIC. Club music, dance music, salsa music, etc. Yes, that anti-indie rock music. But I loved it. I loved dancing. I loved shaking that booty. But after that indie rock took over. Well, after years of indie rock I have accepted “clubbing” into my life and rejoiced and found Top Forties quite relaxing to get CRUNK to. So anyways, Cobra Starship are back with a new single called “You Make Me Feel…” And I swear to the heavens above if I didn’t know about the band and heard this at a club I’d swear it was a some sort of new pop act. Featuring Sabi (although it would’ve been amazing if it was Rihanna instead, no offense Sabi) the song is pretty damn fun. The chorus is catchy and if I were drunk enough I’d probably be raising my hands up in the air like Snooki from Jersey Shore and singing “La La La La.”

Sorry indie pop friends! Their new album Night Shades is out August 30th, 2011 via Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen.

MP3: “You Make Me Feel…


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