TV GIRL "Benny And The Jetts" MP3

TV Girl

When I usually see a band as being labeled as “indie pop” I shrug it off. The label and genre has gotten much more broad with every blogger, writer, journalist and editor using it to describe almost every band’s songs. I’ve even heard certain Cut Copy’s songs being described as “indie pop.” Seriously, who are you? How old are you?

But San Diego’s TV Girl made a little buzz for themselves when they sampled Todd Rundgren’s “Hello, It’s Me.” And this time around they did the same with Elton John’s classic “Benny And The Jetts.” The original lingering in the background the band drowns the rest of the song in a frenzy of fuzzy AM pop. And the rest of their new Benny And The Jetts EP (which can be downloaded from their BandCamp) follows the same sunny direction.

And what did that prior rant about “indie pop” have to do with TV Girl? Well, these guys are one of the few that has been tagged with the label that I feel can actually carry it with their bubbling sounds. Make sure to download their EP. If you’re into indie pop the way I am you’ll absolutely enjoy it.

MP3: “Benny And The Jetts


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