Lykke Li photo by Bao Nguyen
In anticipation for her upcoming album Wounded Rhymes, Lykke Li performed at a very sold out Le Poisson Rouge in New York. Acting more like a showcase for her new songs rather than a “concert” it was packed the hippest of the hip, bloggers, tall gay boys and possible undercover industry folks. But before I go on about the show, let me divulge a little bit about her new track “Get Some.”

Released a few weeks ago, the pounding intro startled me. Heavy drums pounded pounded away. A fuzzed out electric bass then follows the thumping race. And a moment not too soon the innocent airy voice that we know her for joins in. But what has become of our pitchy angel? Her voice sounded much more sultry. It seems she has grown. The song’s whole afro-like drive absolutely induces a rush. But what’s even more surprising are lyrics such as “I’m your prostitute, you gon get some” being bellowed out. Just what exactly is she stating here? I only listened to the song a few more times before I dismissed it as something “unfamiliar.”

Back to the show. The long wait was slightly lightened DJ Scrible’s spinning. A mixture of nu-disco, hip-hop, some indie rock and house, it kept the mood going. But the wait, began to drag. As more people began to fill in the club temperatures rose. People seemed to get taller in the dark and the chatter volume moved up.  It was a heated and slow battle to try and move closer to the stage.  I kept checking my phones digital clock to only see small increments of time move.

A few minutes after ten PM, Lykke Li finally makes her grand entrance. Literally, she and her band came through the club’s front door. Taking up the stage, they ignited the night with “I’m Good, I’m Gone.” The crowd began to move and sing along. And not too long after, they rolled into “Little Bit” which caused the fans to erupt. Bombastic, somber, energetic and chilling the crowd loved every second. Hands were up in the air waving and shoulders grooving along. The sing along to “Little Bit” was loud.

The rest of the night was a mix of new songs and old.  The new songs sounded big and ready.  They had an eclectic sound of fifties-like Doo-Wop and even tingling Spaghetti Western vibes. By the end of their set the new track “Get Some” was performed. The afro-beat was just as loud as it was on the recorded version. She danced and moved effortlessly. Then it hit me, “this song is actually pretty good.” The energy really echoed in the live setting.  Even though it wasn’t familiar to most of the crowd, they felt its tenacity. The song made sense to me.

When it all ended there was a declaration of an encore since the band couldn’t really leave the stage. They performed “Possibilities” from the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. I really wished they ended it with her cover of The Shirelles’ “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” though.

All together, Lykke Li really proved she belonged on the front cover of a magazine like The Fader. As an artist she has grown. Her new songs sounded solid. She has the swagger of a star.  On top of that, the band’s live performance was even more energetic and tight compared to the last time I saw them which was two years ago. With a full North American tour coming next year in support of her new album, their live show is definitely not to be missed. Her new album Wounded Rhymes will be released March 1st, 2011.

MP3:Get Some


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