Street Fighter: Legacy

After having been a fan of Street Fighter since the beginning, it’s been saddening that the film adaptations have been anything less than stellar. Hollywood tried to pump as much muscle into the first movie Street Fighter starring Jean Claude Van Damne only to birth utter garbage. More than a decade later a weak Street Fighter: The Chun-Li Story starring Kristen Kruek was another wasted effort. But a few days ago written and directed by actor Joey Ansah showed glimpses of what a fan made movie could have been.

Self-produced, the short depicts Ryu and Ken meeting in a deserted forest meeting up for their usual “sparring session.” The casting and action scenes were spot on. From their over exaggerated eye brows to the costumes, wardrobe and make up did their job properly. Even their signature movies from the Hadouken and Shoruyken’s were well-represented. This short, was no more than three minutes. But it surely showed what a well-directed and put together fan made film can do. With the proper writing, good budget and marketing the successful franchise of Street Fighter can have a meaningful film come out. But will it ever? Maybe this short will spark some eyes of producers and Capcom. Hopefully with the success of Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 there’s a chance. But maybe Street Fighter was just never meant to be adapted to the big screen.

Look at what the possibilities are below:

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