BEIRUT “Postcards From Italy” MP3 + ANNOUNCE TOUR


It’s unbelievable that I’ve been a fan of Beirut literally longer than anyone else really has been.  Yes, there’s actually back story to that and I have a handmade version with demos to Gulag Orkestar to prove it!  But what’s more unbelievable is that since I moved to New York over three years ago I still haven’t seen Beirut live.  I’m not sure whether to call that weak fandom-ness or laziness to traverse New York City’s public transportation.  Either way, four years later Beirut’s “Postcards From Italy” is still one of the most moving and soul-filled songs I have ever heard.  And for those living in the United Kingdom, you may get the chance to hear it live in the few shows he has announced for this summer.

Fingers crossed for a bossa nova album coming from Beirut in the future!

08.22.10 @ Picture House in Edinburgh, Scotland
08.24.10 @ Tripod in Dublin, Ireland
08.27.10 @ Winter Gardens Floral Hall in Eastbourne, England

MP3: “Postcards From Italy


12 Responses to “BEIRUT “Postcards From Italy” MP3 + ANNOUNCE TOUR”

  1. 1 Malcom Reynolds October 6, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    I love beirut, and i have never seen them either. Its okay. Just drown yourself in their music and pray that they come and you can go. that’s what i do.

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