The Radio Dept. - Clinging To A Scheme

The long wait is over and Sweden’s pop masters The Radio Dept.  has finally released their highly anticipated new album Clinging To A Scheme.  They’ve garnered love from indie pop kids with their debut album Lesser Matters, then wowed the global music scene when their music from Pulling Our Weight was featured on Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and finally marked their place in the international market with Pet Grief.

Not a far departure from their previous album Pet Grief, Clinging To A Scheme contains all of the same fuzzed out guitars with melancholy intentions.  Indie pop kids may be disappointed as it’s not as lo-fi as their past work.  Instead the compositions are thought out and well-produced.  Keys embark or atmospheric journeys and the drum machine keeps everything in time.

Previous lead tracks “Heaven’s On Fire” “David” and “Never Follow Suit” remain to be the best of the album.  All three are quite eclectic but much more hopeful than some of the brooding music they’ve created in the past.  “Heaven’s On Fire” is such a stand out track as simple as it is.  Guitar licks frolick then is followed a melody so heart warming in the chorus.  “David” on the other hand also simple has a waltzing vibe to it.  Synthetic strings gently pierce in and out of the song and then let the bells and keys play with each other.  “Never Follow Suit” on the other hand a bit of a departure from the rest of the album has the most grooving vibe that the The Radio Dept. has ever written.

But this isn’t to say that the rest of the album is a throwaway.  “A Token of Gratitude” and “Memory” loss brings you back to some of the sad jaunting feelings that Johan Duncanson’s song writing has brought you to in th past.  “You Stopped Making Sense” ends the album well wanting you to repeat afterwards yearning to refeel everything you’ve just felt.

The only let down I have had with this album is the fact that “Freddie And The Trojan Horse” did not appear on the album.  One of the first singles the band came out with after Pet Grief was one of their best.  It was a tease to think that that song was an introduction to what was to come in Clinging To A Scheme.  The song was a glorified heart killer.  If you haven’t heard it, listen to it here.

Four years the wait. If you’re a fan of The Radio Dept. you’ll be thoroughly satisfied.  All of their new songs are a great addition to their vast catalog.  If their new songs were the first you’ve heard of their’s, Clinging To A Scheme is a good starting point.

MP3: “Heaven’s On Fire


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