SONDRE LERCHE “Living Lounge” (Facebook Version) MP3

Sondre Lerche

The battle of social networking giants MySpace and Facebook began almost two years ago. Each one trying new things to “one-up” each other. MySpace was always known for its MySpace Music where as Facebook was innovative for its application and third party interaction. But now everything is up in the air as both companies are striving to attain that #1 market, the music lovers.

Facebook has already begun some of its campaigning as one of the world’s biggest acts started a Facebook account and gave out an exclusive track through it. Yes, U2.

But now one of my favorite musicians coincidentally gave out an exclusive track on Facebook, but told everyone through a MySpace blog post! How crazy is that?! Sondre Lerche! What is going on here? The sweet-hearted innocent spoken Norse is starting a conflict! But that’s okay.

Anything that Sondre Lerche does is okay and his Facebook posting an exclusive new version of “Living Lounge” that appeared on the Don’t Be Shallow EP is completely fine with me. This version takes the somber bed-ridden version into a roller coaster of strings surrounding his bossa-esque and Burt Bacharachian take on his own original. The new version flies much lighter on the heart. It makes me feel good and I know it’ll make you feel good too.

MP3: “Living Lounge” (Facebook Version)


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