VHS OR BETA “Burn It All Down” MP3

VHS or Beta

I remember seeing VHS or BETA a few years ago down in Miami rocking the tiny club that Revolver used to be at. This way back when no one’s ever heard of them and they were still playing a completely instrumental set off their debut release Le Funk. It was hot, I was sweaty. There was a tight crowd packed into the corner they were playing and the bass lines and sonic guitars were off the chain. We dance, we grooved.

A few years after that they released Night On Fire. What was this I heard? Vocals? Lyrics? Damn right, that’s what I heard. Disco, funk, drum beats all over the place on top the boombastic singles “Night On Fire” and “You’ve Got Me.” Like they said, they wanted to write songs that were shorter and had more of a pop/rock element but still kept the the same dance vibes…that dance vibe was definitely there. Night On Fire was in my top 10 for 2005.

So two years later, guitarist Zeke Buck moved onto a new project in People Noise where as the rest of VHS or BETA are preparing their upcoming 3rd album Bring On The Comets. With an album title like that, I am hoping that they were some how able to capture the solid vibe that they had on Night On Fire and take that even a notch higher. But with two songs unveiled today on MySpace I am not sure exactly how that will turn out.

“Burn It Down” is the lead single. But unfortunately, what it does sound like is a song that tries to recreate what “Night On Fire” did. The same elements seem to be there, but unfortunately the energy just doesn’t seem to pass. But then again maybe it’s just because it doesn’t seem to be a fully mastered version of the song. Regardless, it seems a little watered down in comparison to “Night On Fire.”

On the other hand “Can’t Believe a Single Word” seems to be a little bit better. A catchy verse and a song structure that may lead to a bit more energy on the dance floor. Let’s hope that the fully produced version of this song will be a lot more captivating.

Bring On The Comets will hit shelves August 28, 2007.

Here is the track listing:

1. “Euglama”
2. “Love in My Pocket”
3. “She Says”
4. “Can’t Believe a Single Word”
5. “Burn It All Down”
6. “Take It or Leave It”
7. “Alpha Theta”
8. “Bring on the Comets”
9. “Fall Down Lightly”
10. “We Could Be One”
11. “Time Stands Still”
12. “The Stars Where We Came From”

MP3: “Burn It All Down


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