Calvin Harris

This overly tall Scot at 6’5″ claims to have created disco. Sure, his album I Created Disco doesn’t really have any disco songs (maybe he’s actually too young to know what disco is at age 23), but I guarantee you there are more than enough songs on his album to make your booty shake like it was 1986. One thing right that Calvin Harris did do right was create an album full of bounce and beats that sound like they were created by old Korgs and Casios from the 80’s. Sorry no real disco here.

Before this album hits shore here in the states, it’s already a known fact that he’s been given the gift of hipster hype with his spectacular single “The Girls” all over the U.K.

I like them black girls
I like them white girls
I like them Asian girls
I like them mixed race girls
I like them Spanish girls
I like them Italian girls
I like the French girls
And I like Scandinavian girls
I like them tall girls
I like them short girls
I like them brown hair girls
I like them blonde hair girls
I like them big girls
I like them skinny girls
I like them carrying a little bitty weight girls

He boldly states in the beginning of this retro poppin’ song. With a chorus and beat that would definitely get some nice little buns moving at a club, there’s no way someone can resist the pop genius in this song. Then he hits again with his second single “Acceptable In The 80’s.” Now considering he was only 6 in 1989, I don’t think too many consumers will be doing the math when they hear those 80’s keys in the background and lyrics that go “I got love for you if you were born in the 80’s.” Another dance pop gem was created with this unlaced A.D.D.I.D.A.S. shoe moving song.

Thankfully, the album also contains other creations that won’t let you down. Intro “Merry Making At My Place” has made me walk down the streets of New York City late at night pretending I can pop and lock. “Disco Heat” with it’s distorted bass and keys would make you want to get all raunchy with someone at a club and dance real close while snapping your fingers. Then there’s a surprise with instrumental “Love Souvenir.” It’s definitely a song that would want to make you “get down” with it’s funky guitar lick and strings chimmering. But in the end, the end is capped off with most likely my favorite song, “Electro Man.” A lot lighter than the rest of the songs, it completely lets loose with light synth pop. It’s the type of song where at the end of the night all you want to do is romantically dance with that girl that you saw earlier. Then when you get close to her you can tell her “I would go anywhere with you.”

So for all of the hipsters across the states and the kids that will eat this up, American Gold Recordings will be dropping this baby September 4. Make sure to grab it and memorize the lyrics so you can sing along when he finally comes to the states to perform some of these electro shocking beats.

MP3: “The Girls


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