Bedroom Eyes - Valentine VacancyWoah Jonas Jonsson aka Bedroom Eyes is back! With pop kids all over the world raving about his first EP Embrace In Stereo, less than a year later he comes back with Valentine Vacancy EP. Another four songs that are nonstop pop thrills and frills. For being an independent musician and and self-releasing his own material, Jonas Jonsson is able to capture such melodies and harmonies that at times can put some high end up production artists to shame. Bedroom Eyes is definitely not a “lo-fi pop” project that some writers and even pop fans may tag him with.

This EP take what he’s done with Embrace In Stereo and takes it even a few more notches higher. Through all four songs you will hear string arrangements, horns, keys and other instruments complimenting the high octane music. There isn’t one song on this new EP that misses the mark.

“Hand-In-Hand Grenade” the first song on Valentine Vacancy made me realize that Bedroom Eyes is no joke. The song charges at you with rumbling percussion while the strings fly through in the background to a catchy chorus. “(Here’s One for You) Underdog” is another song that glimmers energetic guitars and once again accompanied by strings that have a strong presence. Then it doesn’t end there. “Stethoscope Sounds” doesn’t even give the listener a minute to catch up as the pace doesn’t slow down at all. But in the end Bedroom Eyes captures everything with such a wonderful closer, “Norwegian Pop.” With hand claps, strings, keys, horns all over the place and lyrics that fit in perfectly.

I am just anticipating big things for Bedroom Eyes. Or at least I am wanting to see big things for Bedroom Eyes. He will at least receive his first stateside release for a “Hand-In-Hand Grenade” 3″ CDR single with two b-sides from Cloudberry Records. Let’s hope he’ll put out a proper full-length in the future soon!

MP3(s): “Hand-In-Hand Grenade


3 Responses to “BEDROOM EYES Valentine Vacancy ALBUM REVIEW”

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