LA DOUBLURE (The Valet)There I am on a Friday night, I enter the theatre and unexpectedly it was quite full…with no one younger than 45 years old…weird huh? Oh well.

Anyways, what I had expected…actually I had no expectations. I just wanted some light hearted and giggle moments to make my trek to the off beat theatre worthwhile. But I actually did not expect to get my expectations fulfilled.

But let’s start with a little summary first. A billionaire CEO (Pierre Levasseur) is photographed with his love affair model (Elena) friend and then pays her off and a lonely and in love valet boy (François Pignon) to live together to play off being a couple all the while his untrusting wife investigates.

Sure, the story isn’t so thick and a plot that’s quite predictable, but with enough charm and quirk in the characters, the comedic romance gave me the giggles that I wanted.

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