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FIREFLIESWith a name like Lisle Mitnik (the spacecraft captain of FIREFLIES) you would think that I may be writing about another foreign pop act. But in fact, Lisle is a Chicago based song writer and composer and of course musician who likens his music airy and floating like fireflies over a moonlit pond.

Combining his influences such as The Smiths, Field Mice, Belle and Sebastian, Air and plethora of mellow goodness, Lisle aka Fireflies creates songs that voyage through his instrumentation that carry on like quiet sea waves while the wind blows by effortlessly through time.

Fireflies has self-released three albums, Coucher a la Belle Etoiles (2003), Chansons du Metro (2004) and The Forest (2005). He will also be releasing an album on Swedish labels Music Is My Girlfriend and Lavender Records. Let’s hope we can some how entice him to release an album here in the states.

Check out a tune from his self-released The Forrest and his delicious cover of Air’s “Cherry Blossom Girl.”

MP3: “New November LeavesCherry Blossom Girl
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Label: self-released


THE MARY ONETTESSometimes having too many great singles prior to a release of an album may mar it’s presence by having the anti increased. The Mary Onettes prior to releasing their self-titled debut unleashed two blazing singles, the ever so 80’s “Lost” and the guitar driven “Void.” With two top notch singles, it’d be hard to have an album full of hits.

So what will I say about Sweden’s…hell, maybe the world’s possibly #1 80’s band’s debut? Well, for one thing, it truly is as close to the 80’s as any band of today has ever come, or at least as far as I’ve heard. A-ha, The Cure, New Order, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen…yes you hear them all on this album. Every song has been carefully penned to reflect exactly who The Mary Onettes were listening to in the 80’s and I am quite sure who they’re still listening to today.

Though the rest of the album is a lot more mellow compared to the singles, songs such as the intro “Pleasure Songs” “Slow”and “Under The Guillotine” do a fine job or caressing us with harmonies that’ll have us enchanted in a dance hall. And “Henry” oh “Henry” what a song. If you were to close your eyes, you wouldn’t even realize that it was 2007. The song completely takes you on a journey through a darkroom spinning with multi-colored lights revolved around you.

The Mary Onettes’ penchant knack for creating complete throwbacks from an era that has been dimissed has already me curious of what their capable on future records. Their self-titled debut is a tribute to an era when songs were created to be timeless.


MP3(s): “Lost” “Void
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Label: Labrador

Videos: “Pleasure Songs”

CATS ON FIRE The Province Complains ALBUM REVIEW

Cats On Fire - The Provice ComplainsWith all of the attention that Sweden gets the majority of the time, there are some Scandinavian neighbors that always seem to get left out. But hailing all the way from Finland, Cats On Fire’s debut The Province Complains is a nonstop ruckus of jangly guitars from start to end. The obvious influences such as The Smiths, Orange Juice, The Cure are all over the album.

It’s actually kind of hard to choose a “favorite” or even “favorites.” When you have a hard time choosing a favorite or favorites and you keep skipping back and forth trying to find it, that’s a great sign of an album that’s solidly written. The first four songs alone are more than enough to have you hooked on Cats On Fire. The eerie Smithesque “I Am The White-mantled King” to fun and jittery bubble gum feeling of “Astray” and the feet pitter pattering “Higher Grounds” then the thoughtful ballad “Heat and Romance” all represent what Cats On Fire are about. Songs that will have you feeling all over the place.

Though Sweden may seem to get the spotlight all the time, Finland’s Cats On Fire definitely brings over some of that shine with their bright debut The Province Complains.

MP3: “I Am The White-Mantled King



LA DOUBLURE (The Valet)There I am on a Friday night, I enter the theatre and unexpectedly it was quite full…with no one younger than 45 years old…weird huh? Oh well.

Anyways, what I had expected…actually I had no expectations. I just wanted some light hearted and giggle moments to make my trek to the off beat theatre worthwhile. But I actually did not expect to get my expectations fulfilled.

But let’s start with a little summary first. A billionaire CEO (Pierre Levasseur) is photographed with his love affair model (Elena) friend and then pays her off and a lonely and in love valet boy (François Pignon) to live together to play off being a couple all the while his untrusting wife investigates.

Sure, the story isn’t so thick and a plot that’s quite predictable, but with enough charm and quirk in the characters, the comedic romance gave me the giggles that I wanted.

Movie Website:



THEIR HEARTS WERE FULL OF SPRINGBritish pop sensations Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring are about to invade starting off with their precious single “A Qustion Of Trust.” Lush and harmonious and nostalgic like a slowed down version The Beach Boys, “A Question Of Trust” reminds me of when pop singles were pop hits of the 60’s. Chiming xylophones and clean guitar strings being strummed “A Question Of Trust” is the right song to present Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring to the masses. The charging choruses going “ahh ahh/ahh/ahh/ahhhh” in the background will have shivers going down listener’s spines giving them a bubbly feeling in their hearts.

Paired along with “Out Of Sight Out Of Mind” on the single, the songs’ Burt Bacharacian sounds and strings wimper along the xylophones all the while the slightly fuzzed out guitars tingle in the background. It’s definitely a nice tune to display Their Hearts Were Full Of Springs’ diverse pop intentions.

With their debut coming out around the corner, A Question Of Trust will serve as an appetizer to lust for more.


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Label: Marketstall Recordings


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