Scissor Sisters - Ta-DahOne of my most anticipated albums of 2006, Scissor Sister’s Ta-Dah kind of tapped quietly underneath the radar. There wasn’t a lot of hooplah or hype around the album in comparison to their official debut. But I did hear about their single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” being a top charter in England as well as Sir Elton John having guested on their grand return to the world of disco brights and neon lights. The frolicking guitar lick in the beginning, the chimming piano, Shears’ soaring vocals through the muffled percussion resonates of the same ole good times had back in the day when it was a norm to go to rollar skating while letting that mullet fly.

Though there doesn’t seem to be as much UMPH! and PIZAZZ! as their debut, Ta-Dah seems to find the Scissor Sisters more unified in their song crafting. With dance floor hits such as “She’s My Man,” “Ooh,” and “Paul McCartney” joining more authentically fused songs such as “Lights” and “Kiss You Off,” Ta-Dah packs enough mojo to keep their fans’ hips freaked out.

And to keep in touch with their pop synthesis of over three generations, Ta-Dah contains more than just “dance hits.” Ballads such as “The Other Side” and “I Might Tell You Tonight” keeps things retrospective without the cheese and trite lyrics. Vaudvillesque tunes such as “I Can’t Decide” and “Intermission” proves that even bubbliest of songs has a place in today’s pop world.

Ta-Dah is a more refined Scissor Sisters. Their sophomore album is an album that the melds the last three generations into one giant party.

MP3: “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing



  1. 1 angus July 6, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    I am looking forward your info about SS,
    Notify me if you got any,


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