BEIRUT Pompeii This is a surprise! I was frolicking online to find out that one of my favorite artists has released an EXCLUSIVE “EP” of sorts through BEIRUT the boy wonder of 2006 was been chatting up that his future may depart to other regions of the old world. Where? France…Paris (you need to imagine hearing it being said with of course that smooth smooth French tongue) … the world painted with sceneries filled with longing lost loves and nostalgic romances that whisper in you ears sending chills down your spine.

Beirut’s Pompeii reminds me of what I first heard when I first heard his chilling Gulag Orkestar prior to the intervention Jeremy Barnes and company. Though only containing two songs and quite lo-fi, they contain that charming mystique of hearing something new for the first time. You’re response is unsure yet you are compelled and keep longing for the music to continue.

Both songs, just like the original version of Gulag Orkestar are accompanied by drum machine beats and clicks. You may say to yourself “drum machines are so unalive in comparison to live drumming” but in this case, it’s rather charming and innocent. The simple beats row you along through his slow moving crooning vocals and as always his distinct choices in instrumentation. Along the piano chords and his gorgeous trumpeting this little EP in the future may become quite a gem.

At first hearing of “Fountains and Tramways” it had reminded me of Radiohead Kid A era with its punching electro beat intro. Even with Zach Condon’s crooning, there seemed to be a resemblance to Thom Yorke’s yelps and salivating belts. But once the horn starts to beckon in the background we definitely know this is Beirut. “Napoleon On The Bellerophone” also seems to have that aching resemblance to a Thom Yorke sort of cry. But of course we are once again taken back to the era of old love and romance once the sprinkles of Beirut’s instruments starts to churn through the gray skies he has painted. Whatever it is, Zach Condon, Beirut just seems to have a natural knack for bringing in together instruments such as his trumpet, old piano keys and accordion into such harmony that always takes us back to the old world so beautifully.

Whether these are “practice sessions” or just a natural evolution into his future music, it is quite promising and beautiful. This young old-soul has a lot of years ahead of him.

MP3: “Postcards From Italy


3 Responses to “BEIRUT Pompeii EP REVIEW”

  1. 1 chris October 27, 2009 at 9:39 am

    Lol this is what happens when the media tries to delve into the world of indie music. Pompeii is a 4 track song.
    Track1 Fountains and Tramways.
    Track2 Napoleon on the Bellerophone
    Track3 Monna Pamona
    Track4 Jamie Cool

    Sorry but I saw a million websites say it was a 2 track EP. It is not. Do alittle more research nest time, before write an article.

  2. 2 twentysevenviews December 1, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    Chris, I saw this old response. Well, if you look at the eMusic release of the EP it is actually a two track EP which I stated:

  3. 3 Ronnie April 17, 2014 at 5:57 am

    Chris is correct, it’s difficult to find the songs online but the 3rd and 4th tracks exist. Youtube has Monna Pamona, but not Jamie Cool

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