Sondre Lerche - Duper Sessions How many 23 year olds decide to release an album of standards influencd music? How many 23 year olds can actually do justice to the music while clearly wearing his influences on his sleeve? Well, I tell you I can’t really name any other than Norwegian song writing extraordinaire Sondre Lerche. Already having two albums underneath his wings (Faces Down, Two Way Monologues) and a slew of singles, Sondre Lerche seems to showcase a penchant talent in the ability to write songs at a speedy level. It is quite impressive that within the short years he has been an active song writer, he has been able to procure three albums and shortly a fourth.

Now with Duper Sessions, Sondre Lerche tagged his backing band “The Faces Down” into not only recording an introspective album in his jazz influences but rather more to tribute.

Who would’ve thought that upon hearing the keys tap ever so gently alongside the brushes on the snare while the bass lines walk and the chimes of the guitar in “Everyone’s Rooting For You” that we were in the 2000s? One would have to imagine himself back in the 40s where black and white were filled with relaxed air while lounging back to take that slow puff of a cigarette while tapping your feet on the floor watching that band that effortlessly performs. Then as you hear the vocalist pronounce “Don’t be ridiculous sweet darling, it’s so unlike you to be blue. You had ‘em the moment you walked in, everyone’s rooting for you” into that sweet girl’s eyes you knew that the night was going to be at ease filled with charming times.

Who would’ve thought that a 23 year old would be able to pen a song so sincerely melancholy as “Minor Detail?” Having come off a strange quirk in lyricism found in Two Way Monologues, it seems that Sondre Lerche has found his knack in Duper Sessions. Effortlessly is the word to describe his penning in “Minor Detail.” The song flows so smoothly as he quietly croons “It’s the pounding in the heart whenever you are gone without any trace.It’s the breaking of the waves that were about to really carry someplace.”

Who would’ve known that a 23 year old would also play tribute to two classics? and translate them marvelously? Simply turning Cole Porter’s “Night And Day” into a simplistic guitar rhythmed song and Elvis Costello’s “Human Hands” into a marching big band song, as I once again say, so effortlessly, ceases to amaze that Sondre Lerche is only 23. (note: The European version of the album has Chet Baker’s “The More I See You” instead of Elvis Costello’s “Human Hands”) His ability to proclaim who his influences are rather than just state that they are influences says so much about his song writing.

Sondre Lerche is seperated from his peers in the sense that he does not seem to have the need or desire to over complicate his song writing. From his first song “Locust Girl” at age 14 and now into his third album Duper Sessions, the penning of his music has been a natural adventure.

Alongside a slew of new standards such as “Across The Land,” “(I Wanna) Call It Love, “Nightingales” and “I’m Not From Here,” Duper Sessions can be a timeless classic for anyone who appreciates good music. From jazz lounge lovers to simple bossa novas and heavenly pop Duper Sessions delivers.

MP3: “Minor Detail


2 Responses to “SONDRE LERCHE Duper Sessions ALBUM REVIEW”

  1. 1 iqra April 13, 2007 at 2:07 pm


    i am iqra, from bandung, a city in indonesia. it’s hard too find sondre’s albums in my town. how i can get it?


  2. 2 twentysevenviews April 13, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    Hello, I think you can order it online at

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