Chatmonchy - Shangri-LaI’ve honestly never heard of Chatmonchy prior to randomly finding them on MySpace. But upon hearing their single “Shangri-La” I was so hooked. “Shangri-La” is honestly one of the most darling songs I have ever heard. Even though I don’t speak or understand Japanese, the sugar-coated feeling I get when hearing this song is heaven. Hashimoto Eriko has one of the most adorable and innocent voices I’ve ever heard. Hearing her say “Shangrira Kimi wo omouto Kyou mo nemurenai Boku no koto” just makes my heart flutter! I swear the simplicity of this song along with the bouncy and almost disco-like bass beats just make you want to close your eyes and bob your head and shake your body over and over in a cotton candy filled field over and over. Can too much sugar ever be too much! Not with this song! If the it were possible to have this song playing through loud speakrs throughout the world there would be nothing but peace and harmony. I promise! There is no way that anyone can resist its infectious harmony!

This female trio from Tokushima, Japan have been playing since 2000. They’ve been together since they were in high school. Four years later they played out and received some recognition then recorded their first demo. Well, that’s how the story goes anyways. Now with their hit song “Shangri-La” out in Japan I really do wish this threesome success! I can’t wait to hear more!

MP3: “Shangrila


4 Responses to “CHATMONCHY Shangri-La ALBUM REVIEW”

  1. 1 Ninomi~fra Denver January 30, 2007 at 4:10 am

    Hello, Cylde… I saw them sometimes on Japanese TV.
    They are so cute… and on the stage they are so powerful, but Akko is very quiet speaking…
    Everybody has a gap for talking, but they are so lovely!
    Sometimes I could see “Rocks on TV.”
    It is Japanese Internet Program from Sony…
    The time zone is… I have to get up 5a.m.
    I remembered they were guests before and they coment sometimes on this internet TV.
    My Japanese friends are mostly attended Chatmonchy Live.
    The short name, fans call them, monchy…

  2. 2 tones April 17, 2007 at 2:42 am

    i love your description of shangri-la! esp. the reference to spreading peace and harmony in the world 🙂 it really is the quintessential pop song.

    akiko’s bass line is so funky, so cool, really matches her style on stage – i got to see them the week before last at the liquidroom in tokyo (not the shibuyaAX gigs, unfortunately). needless to say, they were great, and make a big sound for a three piece. ‘renai spirits’, for example, is a great three chord song with a big gibson/marshall sound. and eriko’s solo vocal at the start is chilling.

    i recommend anyone listen to ‘chatmonchy has come’ and ‘miminari’ (耳鳴り ), they have a good diversity of songs, and a more edgy guitar sound as well.

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  1. 1 CHATMONCHY “Daidai” MP3 + US TOUR « TWENTYSEVEN VIEWS Trackback on March 25, 2010 at 9:43 am

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