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Pure Bathing Culture

I heard about Pure Bathing Culture over I Guess I’m Floating. The Portland troop makes some soothing lush tracks that would lull you into a harmonious slumber during a Portland winter. A perfect example of this would be in their song “Lucky One.” I Guess I’m Floating also mentions that the duo are members of Vetiver. In some ways this makes sense. But I’m excited for some new songs from this new duo. All of the tracks on their BandCamp are quite sweet.

MP3: Lucky One


LITTLE DRAGON “Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee)” (Crystal Waters Cover) STREAM

Little Dragon

If this doesn’t take it back, I don’t know what will. I used to jam Crystal Waters’ “Gypsy Woman” all the time back in middle school. Yes, that far back. How old am I? The world may never know… anyways, Little Dragon’s rendition came live during a gig at Ibiza. The cover literally brings back the same emotion and energy that the original had. Yukimi Nagao did a great job in bringing back the soulful vibe Crystal Waters’ vocals had. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen Little Dragon live but I hope they bust out this jam next time I do. And oh yes, if you haven’t gotten it yet their new album Ritual Union is ace! Thanks to Pretty Much Amazing for the tip.


BURNING HEARTS “Into The Wilderness” (Silver Swans Remix) MP3

Burning Hearts

Two duos that are literally worlds apart. But they find their way together in this remix bringing the musical sensibilities and love for airy pop. The original by Burning Hearts was a shimmery track that recalled the Finnish landscapes. Bringing that world of fresh air and relaxing sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore. On the other side of the world, Silver Swans who hail from San Francisco, California also has a similar environment. The bay area and the beaches and sun. But the San Franciscan duo are slowly taking their world of dream pop into a more moody direction. In this remix, you clearly hear that. The keys, synths, percussion and chopped up vocals produce a dark and gloomy world. But that’s not say it’s not beautiful. In fact, the band likes their remix so much they have actually considered covering it live. 



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Cobra Starship

Oh man, I’m doing it again. I thought that the new single for Cobra Starship “You Make Me Feel…” was just going to be a one time thing. Since then they released two more singles and the latest one “Feel Like Me” sounds “familiar.” It’s not the celebrity party pop punk that they’re known for and now the Top Forties dance track like the last. Instead this new track “Fool Like” is smooth and calm. A jangling acoustic guitar lingers through the song and a girl group hand clap hits the chorus. The lyrics are very teen focused and campy. But if you took away super mainstream pop production, changed the vocals up and some of the lyrics… well, it sounds like Brooklyn’s This Is Ivy League (who happens to be two members in Cobra Starship).

It’s too bad that the duo is probably beyond busy with their musical careers in Cobra Starship. Hopefully they’ll be able to come back with a new album someday in the future. But for now, although not remotely near the indie pop fun of This Is Ivy League, their contributions for Cobra Starship will shine more in the future. Perhaps it will in the band’s forth upcoming album Night Shades which will be out August 30th, 2011 via Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen.

Oh yes, there is something most “indie” bands can learn from Cobra Starship. I always found them to be one of the best bands using social media and their fans to keep their band alive through the rapid changes in the industry. After the first single with an official music video, they came out with “lyric videos” for their song “#1Nite” and “Fool Like Me.” The videos are just music videos using computer effects using text to show the lyrics of the song in a creative way. It’s something that most bands can probably do today with everyone having a MAC and getting some video editing software. You can see Cobra Starship’s second lyric video below:

MP3: “Fool Like Me


I BREAK HORSES "Winter Beats" MP3

I Break Horses

Winter is still a ways away, but Swedish duo I Break Horses has written a sweet candy track in “Winter Beats.” The beautiful singing synths and keys does make me long for winter. I know there aren’t too many fans of winter here in New York. But the cold just brings this whole nostalgia I had of winter growing up in Miami. Snow, coats, jackets and those lights. But for now I’ll have to contend with the remaining days of summer. If you dig shimmery music blended with hazy shoegaze you’ll dig this track. It will appear on their new album Hearts out August 22nd, 2011 via Bella Union.

MP3: “Winter Beats



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